Hospitality, Peace, And Mercy

On A Farm In Manitoba's Northern Parkland


Late spring snowfall on three thousand plant haskap orchard providing free, highly nutritous fruit for those with less access to the necessities of life.

As part of the Catholic Worker tradition we live a simple life consecrated to serving the poor on a remote farm in northwest Manitoba.  We raise fruit and vegetables, providing them for free to those who have less access to the necessities of life.

The roots of our being Catholic Workers are equally found in both our having grown up as manual labourers and farm workers, as well as in our direct experience of God and our love for Christ.  In each of these we are personally heirs of the enduring pattern found in primitive Christianity. These habits and intuitions work their way out equally in our farming practises and our affection for wilderness, as we seek to care for others and the earth as compassionate, loving, and loveable people for the glory of God. PW Farm blog.

The Catholic Worker movement seeks to serve the poor through the Works of Mercy from a standpoint of voluntary poverty and is open to all people of good will and is not tied to any formal religious affiliation. 



We welcome all people of good will even as we would welcome Christ himself.

- The Rule of St, Benedict


The Works Of Mercy

feed the hungry  - give drink to the thirsty ~ clothe the naked ~ harbour the harbourless ~ visit the sick ~ ransom captives ~ bury the dead

Matthew 25



We support ourselves through commercially farming hay and off-farm employment.  We grow food and weave blankets for free distribution to people who have less access to the necessities of life. 




If you'd like to contact or visit us then drop us a note and we'll get back to you:

The Parkland Worker

R.R. 1, Box 60

Swan River, Manitoba

R0L 1Z0


Alternately you may email us at:


*We do not access our email every day so please be patient.

*Please note that we do not have long term facilities for residents at this time, but that we welcome workers and retreatants in season, and if you are in long-term need then do not fail to contact us.


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'Nobody gets into heaven without a reference letter from the poor.'